Understand your risks. Protect your people, assets, and interests with Prevail.

Prevail’s intelligence and insights experts interrogate information to deliver granular detail and meaningful insight that give organisations a strategic advantage.

Working across multiple formats from open-source intelligence to maritime and aerial surveillance, Prevail’s intelligence activities are supported by leading edge technology. Our powerful proprietary systems and algorithms unlock potential in bulk data sets and geolocation, cybersecurity and satellite intelligence. We have a best in class team drawn from across the industry and from government service, and we utilise unique tradecraft.

We always operate with integrity.

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Yet Prevail’s greatest asset is its people. Our specialists bring innovation to their investigations and rich knowledge to their insight. They inform vulnerability and risk reporting – shaping the work of strategists and operational teams.

Projects are tied together by an intelligence fusion cell – a multi-source information collection hub created uniquely for each client. This scalable resource brings together the correct blend of intelligence sources to meet organisational objectives and address specific threats.

We are market leaders in targeting, bulk-data handling and online investigations. Our latest work for government agencies and businesses includes deep and dark web investigations, social media monitoring, mobile device tracking and pattern-of-life exercises to build profiles of malicious actors and hostile groups.

Bespoke Analytical Reporting

We provide bespoke analytical reporting services to clients, including threat assessments like travel and vulnerability reports, flash reports, monitoring, and forecasting, as well as stakeholder mapping, social media analysis, and incident/situational key event timeline and analysis.


Prevail Partners provides insight services including due diligence reports, investigations, and technical support for environmental projects. Leveraging our team, technology and tradecraft, our team offers detailed analysis to support informed decision-making.

Geospatial Insights

Our geospatial insights services uses advanced technology and global data sources. Our experienced team analyses complex information to deliver intuitive, easy-to-understand insights for both technical and non-technical customers. By combining location and time-based data, we are able to uncover unexpected patterns and provide strategic decision-making support for our clients.

Digital Investigations

Our digital investigations assist clients with complex issues like grand corruption, fraud, missing person cases, high-risk investments, negative media campaigns and criminality. Through the collection, analysis and evaluation of information across open-source channels, we provide strategic insights and recommendations to advance a client's investigation.

Corporate Investigations and Due Diligence

We use the best people and technology to identify what others may have gone to great lengths to conceal. We quickly cut through complex networks and associations. Our global reach and unique methodology mean we find information, structured or un-structured.