Prevail helps to orchestrate client success. We are mission enablers.

Prevail applies operational expertise developed through many years of government service and commercial risk management operations. Our approach focuses on understanding the problem set in depth, identifying practical resource options to support clients, and harnessing resources to help execute the desired objectives alongside our partners.

We are specialists in tackling national security threats and criminality in all its forms.

We only operate on the side of the good guys – acting on the right side of policy, legality and justice.

Our work in Ukraine illustrates our unique operational support services in action. We have enabled multinational commercial organisations to safeguard business activity throughout the conflict while also assisting new market entrants to set up viable business operations in the country. But our operational support does not just assist businesses. It also enables us to deliver humanitarian extractions of injured Ukrainians, including children, and deliver medical supplies to combat zones.

We operate with integrity and have a diverse body of work that we are proud of, demonstrating the capability to maintain organisational output irrespective of the external threat level.