Prevail Partner’s safe hands give organisations the confidence to explore the potential in hostile settings.

We provide the reassurance organisations need to operate in challenging environments, from locations in active conflict, suffering civil strife, affected by terrorist and criminal threats, or infectious disease outbreaks.

Our solutions enable government agencies, businesses and charities to operate through enduring challenges and navigate changeable threats.

Prevail has been in Ukraine before the outbreak of conflict, allowing us to build the most extensive on-the-ground network that transcends law enforcement, military and border security information, and extends to all aspects of Ukrainian society. This allows us to represent a diversity of organisations, from charities delivering aid to tech firms keen to re-establish commercial operations.

Similarly, Prevail has been active in other challenging environments, including Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Angola during periods of war, epidemics or humanitarian disasters in support of clients that care about making a positive impact in the world.