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Agricultural Degradation and Migration in Iran

Posted on 28.02.2024

How do we measure agricultural land changes in Iran, and is this a driver of migration?

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Ukraine long-range forecast – as at 29 Jan 2024

Posted on 31.01.2024

Introduction As the current conflict in Ukraine stretches into its third year, the analytical team have looked at emerging trends and assessed some probable activity for 2024. After the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ failed offensive in Summer/Autumn 2023, the defensive lines have been drawn and both si

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Uncharted Waters: A retrospective look at the hijack of the MV Galaxy Leader

Posted on 24.01.2024

22 Jan 24 The successful helicopter assault and hijacking of the MV Galaxy Leader on 19 Nov 23 by Houthi militants was spectacular in nature. Well-edited footage grabbed media attention and spread prolifically across social media. The hijacking signalled the first major step in a series of escalatio

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Ukraine – Military and Political Situation and Outlook – as at 0900Z 09 January 2024

Posted on 10.01.2024

Winter Strike Campaign Over the festive period Ukraine suffered extensive missile and drone attacks on Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro and Kharkiv. On 29 Dec, 158 missiles and drones (the largest single bombardment since the invasion began) were launched in response to the destruction of th

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The Evolving Dynamics of Russia’s 2023 Winter Campaign: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Tactics, Missile Strategy, and Infrastructure Protection

Posted on 06.12.2023

This follow-up paper assesses the evolving dynamics of Russia’s 2023 winter strike campaign in Ukraine, approximately 10 days after it has begun in earnest. The analysis focuses on recent developments in Russian tactics, including changes in UAV strategies, the evolving use of precision missi

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Ukraine – What Is Going On in Kherson? – as at 0900Z 30 November 2023

Posted on 01.12.2023

Fig 1. Graphic of the current situation on the ground in Kherson and surrounding areas, 30 November 2023. This article will not analyse potential Ukrainian movements on the battlefield in order to maintain Operational Security, and will instead focus on Russian losses, tactics and potential movemen

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