Prevail Partners offers an extensive suite of custom security and risk management services to clients across the globe. 

Prevail’s security specialists tailor solutions to mitigate client risks. Our approach combines cutting edge technologies to aid domain awareness, expert human analysis to support meaningful decision-making, and intelligent layers of real-world physical protection measures aimed at enabling client operations. We work at scale in support of clients across the globe.


We work to keep clients safe in hostile and challenging environments. Our blended solutions combine state of the art domain awareness services to generate insights and support decision-making; on the ground security consultants to deliver Hostile Environment Training, develop security operating procedures, and enhance physical site solutions; and global reach monitoring capabilities for security risk management assurance. Prevail can help enable logistical support into challenging areas in support of your operations.

Our insight services include vulnerability assessments, pattern-of-life analysis, daily orientation and reporting support, as well as insider threat monitoring and organisational cyber risk.

Speak to our team about your needs – we are stood by to help enable your operations.


Prevail Partners offers a wide range of training services, including tactical training, HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), specialist skills training, and intelligence training to ensure you and your team are prepared for any situation.

Global Risk Advisory​

We provide clients with expert insights and strategic guidance to navigate complex global risks and make informed decisions. Our experienced team are equipped to handle a wide range of challenges, from political instability to natural disasters.