As a leading global intelligence and security company, Prevail Partners offers comprehensive global intelligence solutions to governments, NGOs and commercial organisations seeking to mitigate risks and make informed decisions in today’s complex landscape.

Our tailored services are designed to support our clients in their strategic planning, operations, and investments by providing deep insights and analysis through advanced technology and the expertise of our experienced team.

With a diverse clientele across various industries and a proven track record, Prevail Partners is your trusted partner in navigating challenging environments and achieving success.

By choosing Prevail, you choose a partner who is dedicated to helping you overcome global challenges and achieve your missions successfully.



The global landscape presents a myriad of challenges for organisations and governments alike. With the demands of operating in complex environments and conflict zones, there is an increasing need for effective security and risk management strategies.

However, intelligence investigations surrounding global operations are highly complex and traditional methods often fall short.

One major issue that clients face is the limited understanding of the information landscape pertaining to their area of responsibility.

This includes difficulties in accessing open-source intelligence (OSINT) and reliance on limited sources, such as classified systems and manual searching of mainstream media.

Moreover clients face challenges in interpreting data effectively for operational decisions due to a lack of understanding of threat actors and data linkages. In the digital age, the abundance of data can be overwhelming, making it hard to extract valuable insights.

Local issues and cultures can also pose a challenge for clients operating globally. Ineffective engagement with local stakeholders and a lack of awareness regarding country-specific issues can lead to potential risks and setbacks, and can hinder effective risk management strategies.

At Prevail Partners, we understand the complexities and challenges of operating globally. That is why our Global Intelligence services provide comprehensive solutions that bridge the gap between traditional intelligence methods and the digital age.

Our unique intelligence-operations fusion allows us to enable client operations, tackling global threats and criminality, countering national security challenges and partnering with clients that care about making a positive impact in the world. We deploy our expertise and capabilities across the globe, even in the most challenging environments.

Working across multiple formats from open-source intelligence to maritime and aerial surveillance, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle illicit wildlife trade (IWT), modern slavery and other global problem sets, utilising subject matter experts and advanced research, investigative, and targeting methodologies.

Utilising advanced AI and machine learning to efficiently analyse vast amounts of data, Prevail Partners provides cutting-edge technology that enhances the scope, speed, and scale of our analysis, giving us the ability to identify, monitor, and map threats across the information domain.

With Prevail Partners by your side, you can identify and understand the root causes of difficulties in operating globally. From there, we design and implement tailored solutions that reduce risks and protect your investments and population security.

Our services include enhancing situational awareness by utilising reliable and tailored intelligence and insight products, which improve timely decision-making and operational capabilities. When faced with potential crises and contingencies, we offer contingency planning, crisis management, and emergency support to ensure our clients are prepared for any situation.

Your organisation overcomes global challenges and achieves its mission successfully.

By choosing Prevail, you choose a dedicated partner and cutting-edge intelligence to enable your goals. 

/WHAT WE DO/Global Intelligence

We are market leaders in intelligence operations, online investigations, and bulk-data handling to provide strategic insights for our clients. Our latest work for government agencies, NGOs and private organisations, includes deep and dark web investigations, social media monitoring and pattern-of-life exercises.

Specialist Consulting
Drawing on our extensive international expertise to tackle challenges and drive success for our clients, Prevail Partners offers specialised consulting services for organisations operating in complex environments. Utilising advanced intelligence techniques, we we offer global penetration and excel with our fintech data collection tools.
Multi-source Intelligence for Live Operations
Our multi-source intelligence approach supports live security operations by compiling, examining, and visulising data from various sources to provide comprehensive insights that facilitate data-driven decision-making, ultimately maximising operational efficiency.
Media Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis uses advanced technology like data mining, machine learning, AI & computational linguistics to determine whether sentiment towards a product/service is negative, positive, or neutral. We use media monitoring to inform reputation & brand management, providing valuable insights for decision-making.
Strategic Insights
Prevails Strategic insights provide a deep understanding of a company's operations, guiding informed decision-making. Techniques include introspection, looking at diverse perspectives, behavioural observation, and data analysis. These insights are crucial for strategy development, competitive edge, and enhancing business performance through effective decision-making.
Global Asset & Cryptocurrency Investigations
Specialists in tracing assets, we offer expert services worldwide. Our team comprises top financial investigators, strategic military leaders, and cyber forensic professionals, ensuring a professional, strategic response. We excel in challenging jurisdictions and effective solutions to safeguard assets.
Corporate Investigations & Due Diligence
We use the best people and technology to identify what others may have gone to great lengths to conceal. We quickly cut through complex networks and associations. Our global reach and unique methodology mean we find information, structured or un-structured.


We offer comprehensive global intelligence services to governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and commercial organisations across a wide array of industries.

Our tailored solutions assist in navigating the most complex risk and security challenges faced by organisations operating in various industries, including:



Energy, Resources and Utilities

Homeland Security and Law Enforcement

Finance and Legal

Transportation and Logistics

Multinational Corporations

NGOs and Third Sector


Why Choose Prevail


At Prevail Partners, we pride ourselves on our proven track record and exceptional team of high performing specialists.

With decades of experience drawing on talent and expertise from across former military, law enforcement, Government and the private sector, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Our commitment to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards sets us apart from our competitors.

We employ cutting-edge intelligence gathering techniques, some of which are known only to a select few, to achieve global penetration and gather vital insights for our clients.

Ultimately it is our people who make us truly unique. Our team of specialists bring innovation to their investigations and provide invaluable insight into vulnerability and risk reporting.

They also work in collaboration with an intelligence fusion cell – a customised, multi-source information collection hub – to tailor our services to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.

With a focus on targeted intelligence operations, bulk-data handling, and online investigations, we are at the forefront of intelligence gathering.

Our extensive capabilities include deep and dark web investigations, social media monitoring and pattern-of-life exercises.

No matter the challenge, our valued partnerships with government agencies and organisations allow us to excel in even the most hostile, complex, and politically sensitive environments.

At Prevail Partners, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

Review our case studies to learn more about how we’ve successfully supported our clients.