complex investigations


Complex investigations in uncertain times

May 06 2021

Complex Investigations in Uncertain Times

Complex Investigations in Uncertain Times addresses how investigation strategies must contend with the challenges of the Covid era. Subjects covered will include increasing digitisation, remote operating risks, raised regulatory oversight and the challenges of conducting interviews, taking statements and fulfilling disclosure obligations in this new universe.

Jonathan Benton, a former senior Met detective & Head of UK's International Corruption Unit leads the panel, drawing on his background investigating some of the most corrupt actors across the globe. He will be supported by Damian Huntingford OBE, former military commander, with his perspective on intelligence development methodologies, and by leading Business Crime barrister Sarah Wood, from 5 St Andrew's Hill Chambers. Together they will discuss what has changed in 2021, examining dirty money case studies and solutions to counter sophisticated financial crimes including private prosecution.The webinar will be essential listening for legal practices involved in securing evidential-standard prosecutions of financial crime and financial institutions concerned with analysis of financial flows and misappropriation of assets and investments.

The 60 minute webinar includes a Q&A session.