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Driving Innovation through Public Sector values and Commercial dynamism

Our unique perspective on government operating parameters and the complexities of defence challenges in the 21st Century is informed by decades of service at the intersection of the strategic and operational levels of conflict. With deep military and public sector provenance Prevail brings commercial sector agility and cost effectiveness to support defence priorities.

We specialise in helping to conceive innovative solutions by applying our expertise to write the playbook, by identifying the components necessary to deliver technological advantage, and by understanding how they best fit within the defence community. We understand how to orchestrate multiple teams and capabilities to deliver success.

This includes the innovative design and operational systems of maritime platforms, immersive technologies such as VR/AR headsets for judgemental training, and fusing multiple technologies to deliver extended range Unmanned Aerial Systems. We use multiple OSINT platforms to deliver insight and precise asset tracing intelligence support to government.

We deliver complex project leadership of multi-disciplinary teams including large industrial and manufacturing partners, and maintain a strong UK-Five Eyes liaison network to ensure best-in-class provision. We maintain several strategic partnerships, including with technical software provider FIVECAST ONYX where we deploy Prevail ‘floorwalkers’ to train and mentor, and ensure the integration of OSINT platforms


  • Multi-Role Vessel and maritime innovation
  • OSINT delivery, mentoring and integration
  • Defence Project Leadership
  • Primes Consultancy
  • Immersive Training Solutions
  • ISR R&D
  • ISR training and integration
  • Defence Stakeholder Liaison
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