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Operating at near-state level

With its foundation in government techniques of intelligence targeting and network analysis, Prevail provides a multi-disciplinary and all-source intelligence service which combines human expertise with open source and cyber intelligence data fusion. From this foundation, additional sources of information are synthesised to best meet client intelligence requirements including image intelligence, social media information, or human source intelligence in hard to operate areas.

We provide regular threat intelligence reports and social media monitoring to gauge audience sentiment and inform company positioning and behaviour. We build intelligence fusion cells to support senior decision-making, and we design and implement intelligence architecture to enable complex business and NGO operations. We assist, train and mentor clients seeking to enhance their strategic awareness, operations and business development opportunities. 

All intelligence services are performed strictly in accordance with prevailing jurisdictional standards in the UK and across all operating territories. Our clients include international NGOs, the extractives industry, and government. We utilise multiple software platforms including FIVECAST ONYX.

Clients value our company ethos, our expertise and knowledge of technical systems, and the insight we generate to support their outcomes.


  • Decision-Making Support
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Cyber Security advisory
  • Technical Software Advisory
  • Threat Reporting
  • Insider Threat Monitoring
  • Political and Country Risk
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Fusion Cell Development
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