On this project, Prevail provided support to a not-for-profit organisation who wanted to enhance its understanding of the relationship between serious organised criminality and the illegal wildlife trade. Extensive end to end analytical research was conducted, revealing high risk actors within the NGO landscape and start points for judicial investigation across multiple jurisdictions.

The Solution

Prevail’s output, in the form of a comprehensive thematic paper focussed on wildlife in each region, environmental crime and serious organised crime. Prevail staff analysed live animal tracking data through a number of networked NGO partners, such as those focused on poaching and animal trafficking, illegal fisheries, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and the use of narcotics in the animal trade. This was then analysed against data sets with links to regional terrorist movements in some of the poaching areas.

Prevail used the full suite of integral open source software tools as well as interviews with experts in multiple countries, showing the breadth of access to material & information, spanning the digital and physical domain and showcasing many of the intelligence and operational fusion techniques which have become Prevail’s hallmark.