A government department approached Prevail to establish an intelligence and operations Fusion Cell to help manage the flow of large volumes of open source information and bespoke datasets in support of efforts to tackle an issue of national significance. Prevail provided IOC support within the same week and developed a fully-resourced fusion cell operating at tempo within a matter of weeks.

The Solution

Prevail employed its multi-functional intelligence and operations Fusion Cell template to establish a 40-person team including technical specialists, researchers, analysts, project managers and data scientists to understand the issue and work alongside other agencies to mitigate the problem. Unique open source data sets were obtained and analysed to complement other innovative research and existing information in an effort to provide daily assessments to policy makers. Internal sensors provided further insight into the problem and supported analysts in their hypothesis. This case study epitomises Prevail’s cross-functional team expertise and ability to seamlessly integrate with government departments to counter national security challenges.