A leading global extractives company operating in high-risk area was suffering financial losses due to the COVID 19 pandemic in Africa and requested insight and analysis into the impact of the disease on the local community and how it might better support activity within the local environment. Prevail delivered a combined intelligence product – harnessing OSINT and direct sentiment analysis, which was then woven into an operational guidance assessment outlining options to address the commercial and humanitarian issues. This series of reports were very well received and calibrated risk management activity followed.

The Solution

Prevail designed and assembled a fully-functioning intelligence and operations Fusion Cell within the company’s headquarters, delivering daily sentiment analysis and fused intelligence products within a week of commission. Prevail aligned its strategic products to the needs of the company Directors and integrated into the daily board meetings which allowed operational staff to implement mitigation against multiple factors immediately.

The outputs from the Fusion Cell were delivered to the Site Manager, who was able to manage a reduced workforce and continue generating profit for the site. Other products were designed specifically for the on-site Geologist who was able to understand the effects on the environment and lead to a revised community engagement process that appeased local residents.