Government departments, the International Rescue Committee and other NGOs, reached out to Prevail requesting crisis support during a recovery assistance mission to help British citizens affected by a dynamic crisis in Asia. Prevail established a tailored Task Force and provided both intelligence services and operational support within a matter of days to support strategic decision-making and help protect the British and associated communities. This work was very well received and tangible support was provided. Long term relationships have been established with the key actors.

The Solution

In immediate response to the emerging crisis, Prevail established a multi-source intelligence and operations fusion cell within government offices to assist with operational planning and intelligence support to government entities who were supporting British citizens facing danger in Asia.

The team created a secure network of systems to understand the problem and provide live feedback of the emerging situation. Using social media tools, satellite imagery, a network of local language speakers and security staff on the ground close to the situation, Prevail was able to deliver almost relevant updates on the developing situation, and hourly updates to key decision makers. The crisis lasted 8 weeks, during which time Prevail staff monitored events 24 hours a day and integrated with other key government departments.