A not-for-profit organisation wished to share sensitive information with regional partners regarding the illegal wildlife trade in Africa. Prevail helped clarify the options for sharing the information, established the appropriate protocols and provided helpful advice about the delivery mechanisms and risk-reducing measures that could be implemented. The client appreciated the advice given, and the help in actually delivering the information, and the overall discreet approach demonstrated by Prevail.

The Solution

Prevail coordinated a series of local seminars with the clients partners to introduce a sensible mechanism to share information. As part of the process, Prevail’s Geospatial lead within the Tech Team designed a new dashboard so all partners could upload information, and the security management team educated local staff on the best mechanism to exchange sensitive information. Prevail assisted with the data sharing process and maintains links to all organisations to this day, to ensure they are able to continue sharing up-to-date information and tackle illegal wildlife trafficking.