An international NGO required a full country study of an African nation to better understand geographic areas where local security forces could be placed to protect endangered species. This deep dive analysis work was conducted using Open Source Intelligence techniques, and was sufficiently well-received that it led to advisory work in support of the NGO and its partners.

The Solution

This project symbolised the importance of intelligence and operational fusion to create the platinum standard product. Geospatial specialists, supported by data scientists, and OSINT intelligence analysts, were able to deliver an operational briefing document outlining the risks to the client’s wildlife interests. As part of the trusted relationship, the team were able to use the client’s own data holdings to create an interactive mapping product to inform its ground operations teams.

As a result of this combined effort, the client was able to manage its ground teams more effectively, targeting the areas with the greatest risk and increase the level of security to its protected species. Prevail’s products also produced insights on historic data not previously seen by the client’s executive, facilitating further decision-making and work on other vulnerable localities.