From 2021 to date, Prevail has been tasked with providing close protection and security risk management services for the delivery of humanitarian aid in the Donbas region of Ukraine, close to the Forward Line of Own Troops (FLOT) and occasionally close to the Forward Line of Enemy Troops (FLET). 


Donbas: A Region of Historical Significance and Ongoing Conflict

Donbas, an eastern region of Ukraine, holds great historical, cultural, and economic significance. Spanning across 53,201 km2, it was home to a population of 6,651,378 before the outbreak of war.

Since 2014, it has suffered immensely from the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, with Russia occupying parts of the region.

The root of this conflict can be traced back to armed Russian-backed separatists seizing control of government buildings, which subsequently led to clashes with the Ukrainian military.

The strategic importance of Donbas lies in its industrial cities and deep historical ties to both Ukraine and Russia. Despite the ongoing conflict, it is crucial to acknowledge the complex history and strong connections that Donbas shares with these two countries.

Unfortunately, this region has become the epicentre of intense fighting, with Russia relentlessly pursuing its capture.

Mission Objective

The mission objective was to access beneficiaries of international aid close to the front line in order to deliver much-needed supplies in the Donbas region, a region that has been heavily impacted by the ongoing conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.  

The task took our clients within 5km of Russian Federation positions in the Toretsk area to assess the delivery of humanitarian aid. 

Our team employed an intelligence-led approach, gathering real-time information to enable safe access and assess potential risks. 


Prevail’s Role and Extensive Reach Across Ukraine

For over 10 years, Prevail’s Management Team in Ukraine has been at the frontlines of Donbas. With an unparalleled network across security entities, we possess an unwavering ability to reach even the most challenging areas in support of our clients. 

To advance our client’s mission, the Prevail team leverages extensive knowledge and experience to deliver effective security risk management. This enables our clients to operate safely and efficiently, even in the most high-risk areas like Donbas. 


Prevail’s Solution

To ensure the success of this mission, our experienced security risk managers conducted thorough risk assessments and developed a comprehensive risk management plan. 

As part of our support, we provide close protection and security risk management services.

This includes assessing risks along the route, coordinating with local authorities and organisations, providing intelligence updates, and ensuring the safety of the team throughout their journey. 

Despite facing multiple challenges such as poor road conditions, freezing temperatures and potential threats from both sides of the conflict, Prevail provides ongoing intelligence support, risk analysis, armoured vehicles, paramedics, and close protection officers, as well as a liaison team.  

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified security risk managers, as well as both male and female close protection officers.  


Gain Valuable Insights: Mitigate Risks with Informed Decision-Making

Through our detailed analysis of the situation on the ground, we can provide our clients with important insights and information about potential risks in the area.  

This empowers them to make informed decisions and take appropriate measures to mitigate risks in a cost-effective manner.



Prevail’s exceptional capabilities, experience, and extensive network in Ukraine make us a valuable partner for any organisation looking to operate in the country.  

Our proven track record and successful delivery of security support in the Donbas region is a testament to our abilities and dedication to providing efficient and effective solutions for our clients. 

With our expertise in logistics, risk management, project management, market entry for Western technology, and much more, Prevail is well-equipped to support any mission or project in Ukraine.  

Contact us at +44 (0) 203 961 9923, or email us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in Ukraine. 

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