Sector: Extractives
Service: Intelligence

The Problem:

The management of energy worker and infrastructure security at sites in Libya, Nigeria and Somalia was bereft of vital threat and risk assessments and local militia & terrorist intelligence, threatening the safety and ultimately the viability of a number of oil and gas installations in the region. 

Prevail was commissioned by a European governmental body to fill this intelligence vacuum in order to inform the actions needed to protect against all forms of threat

The Solution:

With an initial brief in just one of the territories, Prevail quickly established a multi-source intelligence gathering and reporting infrastructure using open-source intelligence gathered from online sources, signals intelligence intercepting person-to-person or machine to person communications and human intelligence to identify and monitor militias and map the networks of terrorist forces. This network enabled Prevail to provide routine and flash-reporting of impending threats, with the brief rapidly expanded to more countries and extended in duration.

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