Sector: Legal & Financial
Service: Investigation

The Problem:

Prevail’s client, an international investment firm, had had suffered £multi-million financial losses relating to their interests in an overvalued property portfolio. After uncovering the fraudulent portfolio valuations, the investment house instructed a law firm to seek redress and recovery from the fraudulent property developer through the courts. However, for eight months, the law firm had been unable to locate the perpetrator’s whereabouts or validate his assets in order to progress a recovery.

The Solution:

Prevail’s solution was instant and delivered a multi-million £ settlement at a cost of under 1% of the sums recovered. Prevail undertook analysis of the deep web, and subsequent physical surveillance using a 4-person team in the England under COVID social restrictions to identify evidentially binding intelligence of money laundering and the assets against which a charge could be brought for recovery. Arrest warrants and asset seizures were completed in a matter of days following engagement.

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