our values


our values

Integrity, Highest Ethical Standards, Unrelenting Excellence

Prevail is founded on military veteran Integrity and proudly honours its commitments to society through the work that we do and how we approach and deliver it. 

We support the principles and measures outlined in the UK Armed Forces Covenant. Several of our team are active Reservists and we value the contributions they make. In all matters, the golden thread of service and duty runs through Prevail and helps us connect quickly to client needs. 

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and comfortably work with NGO communities within the charitable sector, across the financial and legal sector, with extractives businesses and other commercial entities, and with our native government and defence organisations. 

We protect our reputations fiercely and we are a company with a strong moral compass.

We undertake to:

  • Demonstrate Integrity
  • Pursue Unrelenting Excellence in our client service.
  • Deliver meaningful work so clients value what we do.
  • Treat Partners with respect and build effective relationships for the long term.
  • Embody a positive company culture.
  • Invest in our Team Members and staff so they feel empowered and energised and part of the Prevail journey.
  • Value diversity and challenge.
  • Be Leaders that are proud of our work and how we go about business.
  • Build a company of value by delivering positive impact in all our endeavours.